Pondering through life.

I'm an undergraduate in mathematics and throughout my life, my friends have always called me "the guy who thinks too much". Now I've decided to share some of my thoughts.

Being alone and unaddicted

I feel changed. Not that I’m that different than before, but I somehow feel mentally changed.

Loneliness is often described with a negative tone, as if the very concept of being alone is a bad thing. Loneliness leads to being able to rest in one’s self, and do whatever you may want to do, disregarding the fact about what other people may think about you. It gives you freedom. Freedom to not be subconsciously withheld in your box of social acceptable behavior and norms.

The state of being socially active has it upsides too, as everyone may or may not know already. However, does it come with downsides? Are you being put in a box? Can being socially active cause addiction to maintaining socially active? And if so, are you “giving in” to staying in the box?

The box is a strange place to be - yet so many people strive to enter it. Is it because of our genes? We strive to stay in the box, we strive to meet social standards, because only then can we receive recognition from our work? Stepping out of the box seems challenging. It has upsides, but it aren’t all good though.

Maybe a middle ground can be reached? Have one foot within it and one on the outside? The best from both worlds? Is that what a split personality origins from? It sure seems likely. I’m going to try to take the first step, with an avoidance of suction in mind.